Deep hole drilling machines

Deep hole drilling machines from ISR Engineering provide the perfect solution for larger drill diameters of 18 mm to 250 mm solid drilling (up to 400 mm counter-boring) and drill-depths of up to 12,000 mm. One of the major characteristics of deep hole drilling is that the coolant, in contrast to the gun drilling method, is introduced and removed in the opposite way: Thanks to the larger diameter the drilling chips can be removed through the tool’s interior, whereas the coolant is introduced via a coolant pressure head (BOZA) from the outside through the annular gap between the bore hole and the drill. ISR Engineering deep hole drilling machines are also available as single-spindle and multi-spindle versions. By selecting different gearboxes and depending on the drilling task different drive variants can be accomplished.

Features of Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Accuracy of deep hole drilling machine:

Drill hole: hole accuracy IT9-IT11, hole roughness: Ra6.3~Ra12.5um.

Rough bore: hole accuracy IT8-IT9, hole roughness: Ra3.2~Ra6.3um.

Fine bore: hole accuracy IT7-IT9, hole roughness: Ra1.6~Ra3.2um.

Rolling and pressing: hole accuracy IT6-IT7, hole roughness: Ra0.4~Ra0.8um.

Hole straightness: every meter less than 0.5mm.

Drill hole range: 30mm~120mm

Bore hole range: 40mm-1200mm (different model)

Drill max depth: 18meters

Deep hole drilling & boring machine is good in regidity, high accuracy. The spindle speed range is wide, infeed system is driven by AC servo motor, which can meet all kinds of deep hole process, the oil supply fasten device and workpiece clampling device adopts hydralic system, and show the pressure value, safety and reliable.

We can also make similar machines basing on the above machine, different length. We can make this kind of deep hole drillingand boring machines according to customers’ requirement.

The machine is special equipment for machining deep cylindrical hole of work pieces. It can be perfectly suited for boring, through holes, blind and step holes in workpieces; Such as, apindle of various kinds of machines, many kinds of hydraulic oil cylinders and cylinders and drill collars in the gas and oil field.

It adopts BTA processing method, it can not only drill the deep holes, but also bore the deep holes. When drilling the workpiece, it adopts BTA chip remove method, that is: the coolant liquid arrive the drilling parts through oil supply device, the iron chips and coolant oil return to the drain back tank and chips removal device through the drilling bar hole. Through the above method to realize the drilling purpose.

When boring the workpiece, we adopts pull boring front chip removal method (pull the boring head go ahead, and remove the front chips by that way), the headstock spindle front equips chips removal device, used for boring and chips remove. When boring the workpiece, the workpiece rotary, so as to enhance the boring accuracy. The workpiece adopts double taper plate fasten position, workpiece fasten easily. Position liable.

Machine Main Frame

The machine consist of the following parts: Machine bed, heads stock, chuck bed, oil supply device, carriage, carriage in feeding system, support frame, boring bar support frame, boring bar fixing frame, cooling system, electric system, hydraulic pressure system, chips removal device.

The main parts, such as machine bed, carriage, tank body, oil supply device and support frames are all casted by super iron.

The machine bed rail width is 650mm, which consists of flat V rail. The guide rail is made of high-frequency quenching, which can ensure the high-strength, high-accuracy and high-rigidity of machine.

The machine’s operation button station is in the front of the oil supply device, easy to operate. The oil supply fasten and workpiece fasten adopts hydraulic device, pressure is adjustable, the meter will show the pressure, safety and reliable. The oil supply spindle and machine spindle are in high condentricity, easy to change the guide sleeves.

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